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Slot machines are one of the key revenue producing devices in the gaming industry and uptime and performance are critical to the operation and customer experience. Since the conversion of these devices from electromechanical to electronic, slot machines are subject to machine malfunctions and lock-ups due to fluctuations in power which occur all the time.

The ESP/SurgeX enVision Power Conditioning System will eliminate the most common electrical issues such as surges, spikes, and noise that affect the microprocessors inside the machines. The result is more continuous play, higher customer satisfaction, and less service problems, which in turn, means lower labor and parts cost and increased slot revenue.

Keep your mission-critical equipment up and running with the premier gaming power protection, conditioning, and diagnostic solutions in the industry.

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per slot machine, per month!

A recent ESP/SurgeX study has shown our technology can save $100 per slot machine, per month and $40 per UPS, per year.

per UPS, per year!

A significant savings opportunity!

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