Business equipment is hit with
50 – 60 power anomalies per month.1


1 Florida Power Study


Surges and Spikes account for
63% of all power disturbances.2

2 Electric Power research Institute

Downtime is expensive and negatively impacts a business

Average Cost of Downtime, $7,900 per minute3
Avg. # of lost hours per company, per year 4

3 Ponemon Institute
4 Coleman Parks Research

 The cost associated with downtime is largest in the areas
that directly impact customer experience5

5 – Understanding the Economics of IT Risk and Reputation – IBM White Paper

Catastrophic damage is a real possibility!

Google loses data as lightning strikes
Electrical grid problems disrupt operations at Hyundai engineering center in Superior Township
NSA Says It Has ‘Mitigated’ Meltdowns At Utah Data Farm

UPS manufacturers state that power protection beyond a UPS is needed




Lightning Is Not Your Main Concern

80% of power anomalies occur within buildings, are low-level, and rarely seen. They contribute to “electronic rust” the slow accumulation of electrical problems that weaken equipment performance and shorten its lifespan. 6

6 Electric Power Research Institute

A high number of service calls and warranty returns are classified as “No Fault Found”

This is likely the result of low-level power disturbances.