Unsurpassed diagnostic intelligence and industrial-grade power protection to identify and control power issues in real time.

  • Identifies preexisting power conditions, provides an instant analysis of data and offers resolutions to resolve issuesIdentifies preexisting power conditions, provides an instant analysis of data and offers resolutions to resolve issues
  • Integrated scope meter
  • Multi-Stage power protection and conditioning technology
  • Lowers service costs, ensures fault-less installs, and improves customer uptime
  • Measures neutral to ground voltage, crest factor, power factor, and line frequency metrics
  • Records power and energy usage
  • Internal battery to provide accurate data and time stamps, even during power outages
  • Built-in LCD
  • Remote access capable with optional Remote Portal module
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The enVision PCS provides the most advanced electrical troubleshooting and power protection technology in the industry to help service teams monitor live electrical incidents, troubleshoot downtime, reduce service calls, and equipment/parts replacement costs. Featuring real time diagnostic software and an integrated scope meter, enVision gives service teams a pro-active tool to monitor and control problematic environments. It provides advanced recording intelligence, graphical reporting capabilities, and downloadable reports to understand issues and present them clarity to clients.

Featuring extensive diagnostic software and integrated scope meter, the enVision PCS provides the most advanced electrical troubleshooting and protection technology in the industry. Technicians will be able to monitor power disturbances, record events, customize equipment voltage settings, and analyze electrical data via multiple display and communication modules. We’ve also included ESP’s patented Multi-Stage surge and noise protection and added advanced capabilities including Cat 6 network protection and ground fault protection to ensure your serviced equipment receives the highest level of professional-grade protection in the market.


Models: EV-12015, EV-12020, EV-20815, EV-20820,EV-23010, EV-20830-630, EV-20830-L630, EV-20830-L630-GNS

Contact ESP at 1-800-645-9721 for complete Physical Specs

Contact ESP at 1-800-645-9721 for complete Electrical Specs

Standards Compliance
Complete standards compliance including UL 1449 (3rd Edition)

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This product includes a limited lifetime product and a connected equipment protection warranty. A protection guarantee that provides you with peace of mind that you’re covered for power related “Acts of God”- for life!

We offer the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry because our products provide the most advanced protection available. We guarantee the product will be free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of original purchase and for as long as you are the original owner. In the event there are defects in the material and/or workmanship of your ESP product we will either repair or replace the product at no charge.

Now that’s true power protection!

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